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New coffee is born

Kaffiné team is very happy to present you our new product : Colombian coffee matured in Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine) casks. Vin Jaune is a unique wine produced in the heart of the Jura. It presents typical flavors of nuts and spices. We therefore chose to associate it with a great Colombian coffee. Vin Jaune is an oxidative wine, which is aged for 6 years and 3 months in oak barrels. Unlike other wines where during aging it is customary to fill the barrel regularly to prevent the wine from oxidizing, producers of Vin Jaune lets a veil of yeast to develop on the surface. The yeast protects the wine. This wine has characteristic aromas of nuts, dried fruits and spices. In order to pair wonderfully with this wine, we have selected a Colombian coffee produced by Béatriz Gomez in the Cundinamarca region, more precisely in Guaduas. This 100% Arabica coffee (Castillo, Tabi varieties) is cultivated at an altitude of 1650 meters. The harvest takes place from April to June. After the beans are harvested and fermented, they dry for several days under sun. After roasting, the taste of this coffee had pleasant notes of nuts, reason and a chocolate finish. Let yourself be surprised by this explosive coffee matured in Vin Jaune cask!

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